Preparing for your house move

Moving day

If you decide to do the packing yourself, we are able to provide all the materials needed (costs may be incurred). However please bear in mind that we will not be liable for any items damaged if packed poorly. You wouldn’t expect plates, glasses or fine china to survive transit if they were just placed in a box with no protection.

The removal team arrives between 8.30 - 9.00 am, so hopefully you have left the kettle out to make yourself a quick cuppa. Then simply sit back, relax and let Hodgson's Removals do all the work.


As soon as you get the call saying you can pick up the keys for your new house, inform the removal team and you’re nearly there.


Once the unloading begins the removal team will place your boxes and furniture into the rooms of your choice . If an item of furniture is in the wrong room please ask a member of the removal team to move it to the correct one, this is after all what you’re paying for. However please remember these guys are removal men not interior designers, so try to have a good idea of what goes where from the start.

Furniture protection

No need to worry about your flat screen TV during your house move, as Hodgson's Removals have padded TV covers to protect your flat screen.

1. Use the right size box for the contents, i.e don’t use larger boxes and fill with books.

2. Everything that can go in a box, should do. Loose items are more likely to be damaged and take longer to move & take up more space in the removal truck

3. Boxes should be labelled for the correct room

5. Boxes should be full and packed tightly and sealed with tape

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"Thank you for moving my grandparents house, your customer service was great and the removal went great . Thanks"

- Alan Alhambra

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